Flood-it! 1.2.1

Super addictive puzzle game

Flood-it! is a simple but dangerously addictive puzzle game for your iPhone. View full description


  • Simple, addictive gameplay
  • Change the color scheme
  • Three difficulty settings


  • Only one game mode

Very good

Flood-it! is a simple but dangerously addictive puzzle game for your iPhone.

Each round starts with a grid full of different colored squares. Starting from the top left square, you change its color with the six color buttons at the bottom. When you change color, any adjacent squares of the same color also change, meaning with careful choices you can slowly change the whole board into one color. On the Easy setting, you have a 12 by 12 board, and 22 steps to flood-it! with color.

It's not very easy to explain, but as soon as you pick it up it's easy to play. There are three difficulty levels, with increasing board sizes, which gives you quite a challenge. It's not very easy, and flooding a board within the move limit is a challenge. It is very compelling though, and as the game keeps statistics, putting the game down is the biggest challenge of all.

It's a basic looking game, but has some nice configuration options. The best is aesthetic - you change change the color scheme of the game itself, to whatever you're most comfortable. Eventually, the lack of different game modes will stop you playing, but the one on offer will keep your interest for long enough.

Flood-it! is a great free game, and any puzzle fan should download it right away!


  • Special Announcement!
  • Bug Fix


Flood-it! 1.2.1